Which of These Digital Pianos Would You Recommend?

Question by : Which of these digital pianos would you recommend?
Yamaha P155


Yamaha YDP-141


Roland F110


Am looking for most realistic feel and sound. Thanks!

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Answer by Brianna
well, from just reading the details about them, I would say pick on of the Yamahas. It all comes down to if you want ultimate adjustment/flexibility as the Yamaha YDP-141 has since you can adjust the sensitivity to hard/medium/soft. The other one, Yamaha P155, doesn’t have that adjustment, but both have the GHS like on a real piano, so the high notes have a heavier touch and the low notes have a lighter touch. The Yamaha P155 is cheaper. It all comes down to if you want that extra feature of adjusting the key sensitivity. As far as experience with either of these kinds of digital pianos, I have a cheap casio keyboard haha. So I can’t really tell you from experience. Hope this helps!

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