Video Capture Software – WinAvi (WinCAP)
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Thanks For Watching! Subscribe For More Videos! In this video I show you how to use a cool program called Dxtory to record your computer screen or video games. Website All of My Tutorials Like My Facebook Page Follow me on Twitter

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  • TheFatcake1234 says:

    how do you get sound from your game

  • UhUhCinema says:

    talktalktalk, stop, BREATHE, talk talk talk, stop, BREEEATHE!! LOL

  • Schoolz1995 says:, it is still free check here

  • aaron8310 says:

    there is actually a free full version. U just gotta look for it. I love this vid cuz im gonna use this 4 my easycap

  • haydenEcstasy says:

    What i did to get sound, Was that i used a couple of extra things to re rout the sound into my speakers, through the audio components (Red and White) cords. Complicated to explain.

  • pavoman3 says:

    I dont want to record anything i have a video box, but i want to play my games on my computer, but i cant listen them how can i listen to them please respond!

  • halibelly says:

    hey, what did you do when your camstudio didnt want to record your game? I have the same problem and dont know what to do :'(

  • AMEROSCHANNEL360 says:

    Wow, good job, nice video tutorial. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  • haydenEcstasy says:

    I never really used it for recording, I just used it to view my game on my monitor rather than looking at a tv half way across the room. But I dont really know what settings i used since its been a while i used it ;p. But for recording i would recommend you use divx to have compressed video, but its all personal preference. Just mess around with it, see what fits you best :D

  • haydenEcstasy says:

    obviously, when i made the video it was free. They are actually charging for people to use it now. But if you can still download it and use it then yeaah. Watermarks suckk

  • MuzzaA93 says:

    dont download it it comes up with a thing after u make a video saying ” to get rid of this pay $29.99″

  • iGoDZoFLuiGii says:

    Oh Okay =( but not i found someone on youtube that has a seial for it =D so now i have the full version, also what are the best settings for it?

  • haydenEcstasy says:

    A while ago they stopped giving out a free version, I guess for a little while it was free for promotional purposes.

  • iGoDZoFLuiGii says:

    i Cant find the Free Full Version WHY???

  • MitchMike13 says:

    Take note: this software Winavi DOES NOT record the audio from your dazzle. The only way to obtain audio is to use an external mic and blast your speakers on your tv.. fun right? If you need audio, dont bother with Winavi. (although the video quality is pretty good for a free download)

  • ssj6mysticboy says:


  • haydenEcstasy says:

    aha, I was actually playing mass effect, I love games like mass effect, And fallout 3. Amazing.

  • MrStutterJoey says:

    yeah im having the same problems
    have you figured it out or not?

  • Draggzilla says:

    Recording Halo? xD

  • MrStutterJoey says:

    hey thanks a whole lot!
    at first things were laggy, but i solved it by
    going into the encoder settings

    I have a question though, if your using dazzle how can i record
    the audio using the game instead of my laptop’s mic?

  • MegaBSG says:

    word it did make sense thanx for the help now i just have to save up for a 90$ hdmi capture card so im not getting this hella terrible quality stuff. thanx though rate.veiw my vid if you can. Again thanx man

  • haydenEcstasy says:

    Yes it should work with it, All you need to do is install the drivers and set up everything that comes with the easycap and it should be viewable with WinCAP. Hope that made sense haha.

  • MegaBSG says:

    Hey thanx man i just bought a “Easycap” on amazon which is a external vid cap just wondering do you know if it works with that?
    Btw needD a vid cap to continue playn some ps3 cuz I got groundD at age 19 (almost 20) lol TMI i know. but anyways thanx and Now all you have to do is a make a video on how to make millions recording gaming so i can get my own appartment lol. Thanks again

  • gordanzzzz says:

    nice will try it out ;)

  • ssj6mysticboy says:

    Any idea on how to get sound?

  • zazazaazazazaz says:

    The Video File is way too big, can you help?

  • chame97 says:

    PLS HELP ME.. I did everything like you, but when i start recording minecraft my game turns off.. :(

  • kimo8532 says:

    can you pause video tell me

  • MinecraftHero41 says:

    Thanks man this helped alot for stating me out, Thanks :D

  • ivarfilip says:


  • kw0060 says:

    thanks for the detailed tutorial

  • kavin123456ful says:

    can anyone give me a premium minecraft account and sent it to me inbox

  • JasonK4151 says:

    i have never downloaded illegaly wink wink

  • JasonK4151 says:

    nut tried to record the impossible quiz using it

  • kollimenakal says:

    no you can’t … xD

  • tongdude1 says:

    i have a problem… well i have everything setup, i make the video and everything is fine. i got to upload the video, and everything goes smoothly. But right when it hits the Processing part, its just decides to derp out and stay at 0%. After a few minutes of it being stuck there, it will say
    “Failed to upload video. make sure you are uploading a supported video format. I am using WMV which is supported. if you have an answer to my problem, please reply to me

  • superbuzz5151 says:

    When I make my video the video is red?

  • Sundinyasha says:


  • TrulyTryHard says:


    when im done recording i play the video and its in super speed idk why
    and the vid is done in like 10 sec when the video is 50 sec HELP!!!!!!

  • Sirkkusecretsannel says:

    I think i got everything right but it just dont save my recordings…it does start the record but cant find them from the selected folder. Anyone help?

  • theweirdgamer2 says:

    Your framerate is extremely important, if you want to edit your clips, etc, then pick 60. 30 frames is un-editable.

  • theweirdgamer2 says:

    Camtasia is for recording your desktop, web browser, etc, ruhtard.

  • tongdude1 says:

    Render it in some an editing software such as: Sony Vegas or Windows Live Movie Maker

  • tongdude1 says:

    well i dont know why it does this, but. Whenever i’m recording games with Dxtory, under the FPS it says INIT. I go to my output folder and see that the video doesnt record. If you could reply to this with an answer, then thanks.


    Thanks man ;)

  • JasonK4151 says:

    the files is too big

  • FlavouredGamingTV says:

    Thanks for the tutorial we are setting up a new channel over here :D

  • kingrichy482 says:


  • MsSharondenadel says:

    yes you can it support every thing flash videos streams everything.

  • erikreith111 says:

    I recorded an 18 min vid and i tried to upload it and it say 1476 mins to upload
    how do i fix it ? PLZ RESPOND

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