Q&A: What Computer Speakers Are the Best for Their Price?

Question by Zachhhhhhhhhh: What computer speakers are the best for their price?
first off, i will use speakers, mainly for my computer/ipod with ROCK music, so they need a headphone jack and they need to sound VERRYYY good! ok now i was thinking of getting the bose Companion® 5 multimedia speaker system for $ 399 but everyone online is saying other people make basically the same sounding thing for half the price. i just want a very very good speaker system and yes it can be pricey. please just inform me on what the best speakers are.

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Answer by R
Best speakers for your computer/ iPod music use would be a pair of good monitor speakers – especially if space is not a concern.
Monitors/ pro monitors are made for accurate sound reproduction: used by musicians, dj-mixing artists, guitarists, etc ; to achieve *accurate* representation of what they are producing/ recording…
To them, high quality sound fidelity is their focus.
And ONLY Pro Monitor style active speakers can live up to this task… These active speakers all have dedicated tweeters and decent sized woofers: anywhere from 4″ to 8″ that are mostly made of a type of carbon fiber or aluminum.
These speakers are always powered buy multiple integrated amps: one for each driver: so in a 2.0 monitor system, there are usually 4amps total: two inside each speaker.

So what can these Monitor speakers do for you??
Well, you asked for best: for music, a good speaker system will reproduce your recordings/ music with 100%(or close to) accuracy: and give you what the original artist:singer:recording studio INTENDED For you to hear.: their music.

Lesser systems won’t and can’t do this because they do not have the dedicated tweeters, multiple amps, quality drivers, or components.

And best of all is that: although these types of speakers are not well known to the general public, and is a smaller market vs the consumer end audio… There are still lots of brands/options; which means that the prices are controlled by “competition”.
Bottom line is that you get quality,accuracy,fidelity for fair prices- similar or even lower than the Bose companion5: Which is in comparison is inaccurate, bloated, fatiguing, bad build/material quality, etc- I can go on and on– but one note I cannot miss is that these $ 400 speakers do NOT have any dedicated TWEETERS!wow.

Look at speakers that are sold in music stores, guitar shops etc.
Notable brands:
Their prices/sizes range quite a bit… They are also available at amazon.com.

Hope this helps!

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