How Much Should I Spend on My First Piano?

Question by Kristen Young: How much should i spend on my first piano?
ive been playing piano for a little over a year so i am definitely not amazing at playing, but i plan to continue playing for many years, if not my whole life. so i am looking to buy a digital piano, maybe a korg sv-1 (which i am leaning towards more), or some type or yamaha or casio privia. all these pianos come in different prices, but do you think $ 2000 is too much to pay for my first digital piano? if so, how much SHOULD i pay? thank you in advance.

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Answer by ayuwazawaharuhi
If you plan on taking it seriously, then $ 2000 is worth it but if you’re interested in classical music, then go buy an acoustic piano on ebay or such that sells is for $ 2000 or less. If you prefer a digital piano, go find a keyboard that has 88 keys so that if you progress quickly on your piano skills, you wouldn’t have to trouble your self into finding and exchanging your piano to an 88 key (88 keys are the maximum amount of keys). I’m saying this because if you’re learning piano, you’ll encounter many or almost all of the pieces on your book are classical music and requires keys that can only be played in a 88 key keyboard. The price doesn’t really many keys is what matters most as long as the brand of the piano that you’re buying is made of good quality.

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